Types of Negotiators, and their skills.

Types of negotiators and their skills

Being in business requires negotiation skills. A few days ago here on Negotiating Space, we discussed the types of negotiating skills you need to start a business. Perhaps we could call those entrepreneurial negotiation skills.

In his book The Negotiating Game, Dr. Chester L. Karrass writes that the most important in skills in negotiation are the following:

• Planning
• Thinking clearly under stress
• General practical intelligence
• Verbal ability
• Product knowledge
• Personal integrity
• Ability to perceive and use power

According to the article “Top Negotiation Skills for Entrepreneurs” from the GoForth Institute, those skills, plus organization skills are crucial for entrepreneurs. Read the article here:


Here are some other skills that play a part in negotiation:
• Reliability
• Initiative
• Persistence
• Risk-taking
• Courage
• Team leadership
• Patience
• Ability to develop rapport
• Tact
• Open-mindedness

Arguably, entrepreneurs need the full range of negotiating skills, since they are involved in many aspects of business (sales, employee relations, contracts, etc.). The skills needed for specific negotiations may be more focused, or may place more emphasis on one of these areas. For instance, If you are involved in sales negotiations, it is crucial to have product knowledge. You may also need research skills to be able to know and assess the competition.

Dr. Chester L. Karrass makes distinctions amongst different negotiators He writes that industrial negotiators (engineers, program managers) “placed greater emphasis on objectives, ability to exploit power, willingness to take risks and the need for discretion.” He then says that commercial negotiators (attorneys, real estate brokers, retail buyers) “placed greater emphasis on analytical ability, self esteem and patience.”

Do you focus your attention on developing specific skills to your area? If so, which skills do you find most usefu

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