KARRASS offers unmatched experience in successfully training business people in negotiating skills.

Negotiation is our single area of expertise. Unlike other training companies and organizations, we are wholly focused on negotiation training rather than a variety of topics.

We have trained over 1,000,000 businesspeople all over the world in negotiation. We know what works. Over the last 50 years, we have relentlessly maintained our very high standards, and consider it our responsibility to each individual participant to provide the most engaging, interesting, valuable, and productive experience possible.

Effective Negotiating®

The most popular and widely-used negotiating program in the world. Based on the original Both-Win® concept, this program is practical, intensive, and results-based. Develop the key negotiating skills that bring success in business and in life.


Effective Negotiating® II

This advanced seminar offers a deeper understanding of the negotiating process that will keep you one step ahead. Through complex, interactive cases and a step-by-step discussion of negotiation techniques over the course of a full, intensive day, Effective Negotiating® II combines current research with timeless negotiating techniques to give you the edge you need to succeed in the 21st century. An expanded Effective Negotiating® II seminar is available on a customized In-House basis.


Effective Consensus®
Negotiating with Co-Workers and Teams

Our “internal” negotiation training program is the only program of its kind.