The key elements of "Both Win” or “Principled Negotiation”

When people hear the term “negotiation,” one of the first thoughts they have is of a sales rep who never seems to lose. It may be effective to boost numbers and commissions, but it's not often the most powerful when it comes to conflict resolution or building long-term relationships...

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A Complete Guide to BATNA

Negotiating is a very tricky task, especially when you have something crucial at stake. You can find yourself struggling when the negotiation starts to favor the other side...

IntraOrganization Negotiation
Collaboration and The Other Cs To Avoid Negotiation Breakdowns

Negotiations rarely fail because one party cannot offer what the other party wants. Most of the time, it’s all a matter of perception, attitude, strategy, and a willingness to work things out...

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Negotiating Tips , Negotiation Strategies
The Ultimate Guide to Team Negotiation

Negotiation is a team effort. Working with a team allows you to draw upon other perspectives and experiences, which can help you close a deal...

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General Negotiation
Patience in negotiations

Patience really is a virtue

“All you need is a little patience.” We’ve heard that for years, in church sermons, from our teachers, our parents, even from pop songs.

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Rules of negotiations

Are there rules for effective negotiations?

According to Anthony Tjan, founder of Cue Ball, a venture equity bill, there are four main rules for effective negotiations.

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Negotiating changes

Negotiations involve change: price increase, scope of work modification, request for discount, union demands, reduction in volume, change supplier, design change, people changes.

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One time negotiation or long-term relationship?

When you negotiate with sellers or suppliers, does it matter if you are going to be using their services or products for the long term or the short term?

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