Effective negotiating® II

Negotiation skills and techniques for the 21st century. KARRASS’s Effective Negotiating® II presents advanced negotiation techniques over the course of an intensive, highly informative, and activity-packed one day program. Combining current research with timeless negotiating strategies, Effective Negotiating® II equips you with the skills you need to succeed.

In Effective Negotiating® II you will learn to:

  • Build productive, long-lasting deals.
  • Identify the Four Stages of every negotiation.
  • Create business partners rather than opponents.
  • Maintain the initiative under pressure.
  • Develop a comprehensive preparation checklist.
  • Manage negotiating threats and escalation.
  • Utilize both hard power and soft power.
  • Gather useful information before, during, and after a negotiation.
  • And much more.

Through a series of interactive cases and group discussions, you will gain a deeper understanding of the negotiating process. Get what you deserve through a smart, skilled approach to negotiation.