Effective Consensus®
Negotiating with Co-Workers and Teams

Your everyday interactions with the people you work with—whether casual discussions or formal meetings—are not just interactions. They are important negotiations that impact your career in a very real way. Selling yourself and your ideas is a critical internal negotiation. As is being heard and building positive relationships. The better you understand these negotiations, and are able to manage them effectively, the more successful you will become.

People at the highest levels got there because they are effective negotiators. They know how to build relationships, how to negotiate differences, and how to express their viewpoints and ideas. Whether you’re part of a large corporation, small private enterprise, government agency, or non-profit organization, you absolutely need to know how to negotiate with your colleagues.

Effective Consensus® is the latest in the series of KARRASS’s Effective Negotiating® programs. This "internal" negotiating program was created and developed by Dr. Karrass to address a need he saw within our client organizations and companies, and is designed to demonstrate a new approach to working with other people. This is the only seminar of its kind.

This seminar teaches you how to negotiate an open exchange of thoughts, ideas, and concerns without rancor. It teaches you how to settle problems and differences using cooperative Both-Win® approaches. You will learn to lower your daily frustration level, build trust, gain respect for your ideas, resolve conflicts, transform difficult relationships, increase productivity, and deal with concerns more effectively.

You will learn:

  • how to understand the dynamics and methods of successful internal negotiations.
  • how to gain hearing and respect for your ideas, opinions, and concerns.
  • how to transform people from being impeders to contributors.
  • how to build strong, positive, energy-building relationships that get things done.
  • how to reconcile differences and resolve problems before they escalate.
  • how to deal with difficult people.
  • how to build consensus, cooperation, and commitment.

In an economy where, no matter how smart or competent you are, you need good relationships to get the job done successfully, we focus on three crucial skills:

  • the negotiation of differences and disagreements.
  • the exchange of viewpoints and ideas.
  • the building of positive energy relationships.

Over the course of two days, you will learn how to create positive, productive interactions that promote harmony and productivity in pursuit of goals that benefit everyone. As you come to understand your power and learn to handle yourself with confidence in every negotiation, you find it easier to sell your viewpoints and advance your success.