We offer unmatched experience in successfully training businesspeople in negotiating skills.


Customized In-House Programs:

The Effective Negotiating® and Effective Negotiating® II seminars can be tailored to your company’s needs. These seminars can be presented, at your own facility, for as few as 12 people or more. KARRASS presents over 400 In-House Negotiation Seminars annually around the world.

KARRASS’s In-House training programs can be presented to your whole company or to specific departments such as sales, purchasing, finance, manufacturing, operations, and management. Many of our clients report that bringing various departments together has enhanced the learning process, leading to better team building while strengthening negotiating skills with both vendors and customers.

Effective Negotiating® In-House Training Programs are for:

  • Organizations with centralized operations companies desiring to use their existing learning/training facilities.
  • Management seeking to coordinate training with other events.
  • Companies interested in promoting greater team building.
  • Groups with the need to focus on areas of specific relevance.
  • Interdepartmental groups in sales, purchasing, management, engineering, technical, financial, and human resources.

KARRASS Programs, Investments that Pay for Themselves

Practical and profitable tactics, techniques, and skills are taught in a hard-hitting, fast-paced, yet enjoyable and educational presentation.


Block Seat Program:

The Reserved Seat Program gives you the option of choosing where and when to send each member of your group, and at significant savings. Send them one-by-one, or send them in teams. Your people will be able to attend the KARRASS Effective Negotiating® seminar in any regularly scheduled location. With over 450 seminars presented annually, there’s always one nearby.

The Reserved Seat Program gives you the flexibility you need to plan ahead. You can budget your Effective Negotiating® skill-building on an annual basis and schedule to best meet the training needs of your company. We’ll provide monthly updates indicating who within your organization has attended and in which city they attended.

Made to Order

  • Companies with people in multiple locations around the country, or around the world, can reserve space in an Effective Negotiating® seminar in virtually any major city to accommodate their staff.
  • Companies that want to train entire departments, without taking everyone away from the workplace at the same time, can be assured of space at Effective Negotiating® thanks to the Reserved Seat Program.
  • Companies with traveling staff members can plan ahead to arrange seating at Effective Negotiating® seminars in conjunction with travel schedules. Then you have the flexibility of a variety of cities and a full twelve months for its use.
  • Companies interested in maximizing training budgets while minimizing travel and expense budgets can achieve both by taking advantage of the KARRASS Reserved Seat Program.

Reserve the number of seats you want for your organization. The more seats ordered, the greater the savings.