Effective negotiating® II

Business is tough. We're all looking for that edge that will help us get what we want and need, but in a way that works for everyone so that your agreements will hold up.

Effective Negotiating® taught you the tactics and strategies necessary to prepare you for success. Effective Negotiating® II teaches you to capitalize on what you learned and take the next step toward becoming a powerhouse negotiator.

In Effective Negotiating® II you will learn:

  • How a total cost approach can help you make more intelligent deals and build more stable, long-lasting relationships.
  • How to keep any negotiation moving toward a more favorable Both-Win® agreement at the opening demand and offer stage, during the discovery stage, during the hard bargaining phase, and at closing time when last-minute pitches arise.
  • How to turn a negotiating adversary into a trusted business partner.
  • How to think more creatively even when bargaining under heavy pressure.
  • How to build trust into complex relationships.
  • How to build strategic alliances, partnerships, and contracting arrangements with outside consultants and internal teams.
  • How to create a favorable climate of negotiation.
  • How to close a deal that won't fall apart or be second-guessed.
  • How to reduce your aggravation level for better results.
  • How to develop the planning and preparation checklist.
  • How to close the deal and make agreements that won't fall apart.

Effective Negotiating® II helps you prepare for each major stage of the negotiating process. We will begin with planning and then go to the initial stage where first offers and demands are exchanged. You will learn how to handle the early “no” responses of the other side, and then what to do during the discovery and bargaining phase in order to get information. You will learn what must be done to close agreements that won’t fall apart, be second-guessed, or renegotiated later.