Career Negotiation October 09, 2009

What is your motivation?

“Every business transaction involves an exchange of motives. ”(Chester L...

“Every business transaction involves an exchange of motives.”(Chester L. Karrass in The Negotiating Game)

Perhaps when you enter any business negotiation your primary motivation is to achieve the best deal possible. The people your negotiating with will probably share the same motivation. However, both you and the other party probably have many secondary motivations, which are not as obvious.
Why is understanding motivation important? Motivation is what makes people tick and it shows what they really want. In a Both-Win negotiation you will want to satisfy both parties’ goals, and understanding the many personal and business motivations from both sides will make it easier to achieve these goals.

Here is a list of possible motivations:
1) Wanting to feel good
2) Wanting to avoid risk
3) Wanting recognition
4) Wanting job promotion
5) Wanting to work easier
6) Wanting to do what matters
7) Wanting to be listened to
8) Wanting to be liked
9) Wanting material goods
10) Wanting to be seen in a certain way (for example, as being of good judgment, honest, responsible, smart, etc.)

Many of these motivations are psychological in nature. A good business negotiator will seek to understand these motivations, and fulfill them when possible. In this way, the other party will feel good, and will be more likely to be cooperative.

Have you analyzed your motivations when you negotiate? Do you think your opposing party understands those motivations?

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