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Negotiation Nuggets from Around the Web

We come across lots of great resources and articles regarding all aspects of negotiation on the Web. Today we are sharing some insights from three sources...

We come across lots of great resources and articles regarding all aspects of negotiation on the Web. Today we are sharing some insights from three sources.

Women and Negotiation

Joanne Cleaver discusses “Why Women Have Trouble Negotiating for More Money” on Apparently, there are some cultural constraints at play. As Cleaver writes:

“It’s part of a cultural construct, according to Hannah Riley Bowles, an associate professor in management and decision making at the Harvard Kennedy School. In a not-yet-published study, Bowles asked people what they thought of the efforts of “employees” trying to win raises. When the employees were men, the people supported the workers’ rationales for more pay. But if the employees were women? Not only were the respondents less inclined to grant the women workers what they asked for, but they also didn’t like the women very much.

“Society expects women to be strong advocates for other people, but it’s more ’socially costly’ for women to advocate for themselves,” says Bowles.”

Cleaver goes on to explain how women can overcome these constraints.

Selling a Business Means Having a Plan B Negotiation Strategy

Also on, John Warrillow writes “Ready to Sell Your Business? Avoid These 8 Mistakes.” Mistake number eight has to do with negotiation. Warrillow says the following:

“Professional negotiators suggest having a best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA) — that is, a plan B in case negotiations to sell your business stall. For example, if you’re planning to sell your business to a strategic buyer, also have a financial buyer keen to make an offer or a management team with the means to buy your business over time. That way, you’ll have more leverage when negotiations get dicey.”

Don’t Mix Religion and Negotiation

Finally, can we learn about negotiation from a football player? Apparently, we can, according to Kevin of the Saturday Down South blog, who writes “How to Conduct Business Like Cecil Newton.” Cecil Newton, whose son Cam Newton, plays for Auburn State, believes that:

“Compartmentalization is the key to successful business negotiations.  Religious values or roles are irrelevant on specific business dealings.  Seal the deal now, explain compromising behavior later.  Business is business.”

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