Not Just CEOs

The Karrass Effective Negotiating® seminars are designed for all business professionals. Whether you’re just starting out, mid-management, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, these programs will provide negotiation tactics and strategies that will resonate at all levels of business acumen. The tools you will learn in our seminars can be applied immediately to effect a profound and positive change in your preparation, approach, and strategies, whether you negotiate primarily business-to-business or within your own organization.

Owners and Management

As the decision makers, you are often called upon to be either the primary negotiator or, at the very least, the person behind the scenes evaluating proposals, determining counter offers, and deciding when to say "You’ve got a deal". The buck stops with you, the owners, the senior and mid-management. With that being said, sharpening your negotiating skills is a lifelong commitment.

At Karrass Those Who Attend Include

  • Chief Executive Officer CEO
  • Chief Operations Officer COO
  • Chief Financial Officer CFO
  • Chief Administrative Officer CAO
  • Chief Technology Officer CTO
  • Chief Information Officer CIO
  • Chief Creative Officer CCO
  • Chief Training Officer CTO
  • Chief Diversity Officer CDO
"Excellent course, brings more confidence in my ability to negotiate. I think this course is a must for all employees who deal with customers."
-ExxonMobil, John Sewall, Chief Engineering Manager
"always thought negotiating was an art, Karrass taught me some of the science behind it."
-Halogen Software, Pete Low, Chief Financial Officer
"The Karrass negotiating training is a must for any business professional."
-IBM, Elliot Katz, Vice President
"From day one I saw practical application for the techniques we learned in the program. I instantly saw opportunity; both those I may have missed in the past, and those I will take full advantage of in the days to come."
-Hendrickson Int, Marlin Smith, Human Resources

Most Attendees Come From These Business Sectors.

Seminar for Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals »

Your supply-chain role provides you interaction with internal customers, external suppliers, and a wealth of industry contacts. These interactions give you information and knowledge no one else in your organization may have. Learning how to use this information in a negotiation can have a profound impact and create real value. We will teach you how.

Seminar for Sales and Marketing Professionals »

Sometimes you have to negotiate a transaction, and sometimes you have to negotiate a relationship. To be successful you must learn how to adapt your style to fit the particular negotiating situation, and you need to develop a variety of different negotiating skills. These are skills you will learn from Karrass.

Seminar for Contractors, Engineers, and Project Management Professionals »

This seminar provides construction and design professionals with practical negotiation techniques, skills, strategies, and psychological insights that will help them create successful Both-Win® agreements with developers, buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, and investors.