Karrass offers a comprehensive group of negotiation seminars that can be easily tailored to your specific needs and challenges. There is a Karrass negotiation training program to match your budget requirements and bring tremendous value to your company.

Effective Negotiating® »

The most widely used negotiating program in the world geared towards negotiating with people outside of your organization: customers, suppliers, finance, contractors, strategic partners, government agencies, shippers and more. Learn how to negotiate Both-Win® deals. This program is designed to be practical, hard-hitting and to produce real financial dividends. Develop the key negotiating skills that bring success in business and in life.

Effective Negotiating® 2 - The Follow-On Program »

This program was specifically designed for those who have completed Effective Negotiating®. Effective Negotiating® 2 builds upon the negotiation strategies and tools covered in Effective Negotiating®, and further develops your ability to negotiate today's business climate.

Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization »

The negotiations you have with others in your own organization are some of your most challenging, and most important. How you handle these internal negotiations impact your career; they damage, or help, organizational harmony and your ability to get your job done successfully. This seminar focuses on three skills critical to navigating these important relationships: the negotiating of differences, the exchange of viewpoints and ideas, and the building of positive relationships.