Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization

The Karrass Internal Negotiating Training Program

The purpose of the internal negotiating training program is to demonstrate a new approach to working with people in today's fast changing, increasingly complex economy, an economy where no matter how smart or technically competent you are, you need good relationships and an open exchange of ideas with others to get the job done successfully.

Focus on Three Crucial Skills:

  • The negotiation of differences
  • The exchange of viewpoints and ideas
  • The building of relationships

The Negotiation of Differences and Disagreements

Negotiating behaviors and approaches that help those in organizations resolve differences and problems in ways that promote collaborative, Both-Win® solutions and stronger relationships.

The Exchange of Viewpoints and Ideas

Behaviors that encourage members of a group or project to express themselves, exchange viewpoints and ideas candidly, to be heard and listen to one another in an involved, focused way, and to give respectful weight to each person's thoughts and concerns.

The Building of Positive Energy Relationships

Behaviors that lead those who work together to interact in positive, energy-building ways, and to get along harmoniously and productively in pursuit of group goals.

Develope Your Abilities and Refine Your Skills

The interactions and negotiations you have with others in your own organization are some of the most challenging and most important.

How you handle these daily interactions, discussions and meetings impact your career. These negotiations can damage, or improve organizational harmony and your ability to get the job done successfully. Everything is a negotiation.

Whether you realize it, or not, every time you interact with people inside your own company you are negotiating. Selling yourself and your ideas is a critical internal negotiation. As is being heard and building positive relationships. The more you understand about these negotiations, and are able to use them effectively, the more successful you will become. You, along with your team, will be heard and listened to, without risk of negativism.

Who else but Dr. Karrass?

Karrass Effective Negotiating® programs have set the standard for negotiation success. Karrass now introduces this innovative program developed by Dr. Chester Karrass.

Dr. Karrass is the pioneer of the negotiating art and his techniques have helped over 1,000,000 people around the world improve their abilities to deal with buyers, suppliers, customers, complex contracts, and the widest variety of negotiations. He has published three best selling books on the subject.

Recognized as the world's leading authority on negotiation, Dr. Karrass has now set his sights on collaborative negotiations inside today's organization.

In departmental or project team meetings within your organization, what message are you or your people putting out when they exchange ideas? How do your associates or your peers react to your suggestions or your concerns? Are your viewpoints (as well as others) taken seriously, are they even heard?

Two days packed with useful tools and information.

Karrass seminars are noted for their informative, entertaining and practical approach. This seminar provides the framework of knowledge and the hands on techniques that will help you the very next day.

This groundbreaking course on negotiating inside your own organization is powerful. This two day event will establish a process that leads those who work together to interact in a positive, energy building manner, and help promote harmony and productivity in pursuit of group goals.

Innovative ways to help solve problems within your organization. You can immediately use these tools to:

  • Lower your daily frustration level
  • Build trust
  • Gain respect for your ideas
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Make sure you and others are heard
  • Transform difficult relationships
  • Increase productivity
  • Deal with concerns more effectively

Unlike other seminars, Karrass’ are packed with practical information. This information is easily understood, entertaining, and immediately useful.

You Will Learn:

The strategies and behaviors that build relationships, how to improve being heard, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and negotiate differences and disagreements.

  • How to understand the dynamics and methods of successful internal negotiations
  • How the Karrass methods will advance your career.
  • How to gain hearing and respect for your ideas, opinions, and concerns.
  • How to transform people from being impeders to can do contributors using Both-Win® approaches.
  • How to build strong, positive, energy building relationships that get things done
  • How to reconcile differences and resolve problems before they escalate.
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to build consensus, cooperation and commitment

Call it what you will, It's Negotiation. Collaborative Negotiating.

A negotiation which requires cooperation, collaboration, and an innovative approach to mutual gain solutions.

The Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization seminar teaches you how to build success within your organization by mastering the techniques of working together - moving to agreements the Both-Win® way.

To be effective within your company you must be heard. This seminar teaches you how to negotiate an open exchange of thoughts, ideas, and concerns without rancor. It teaches you how to settle problems and differences using cooperative Both-Win® approaches.

Let Dr. Karrass’ program provide the tools you need to accomplish whatever tasks you face with others, and how to get them done well and peacefully.

This Has Never Been Done Before, Ever, Anywere.

Nobody but Dr. Karrass has the background and business experience to tie all of this together into a seminar. Inside an organization, the skills of positive, largely non confrontational negotiating have never been applied. Dr. Karrass has developed this seminar to help you build the relationships you need for success. The program will show you how to exchange thoughts and resolve differences. You can then build positive relationships within a project or team and throughout the company. You will also find these skills help you in your external negotiations as well as in your personal life.

As you come to understand the power of Dr. Karrass' work, and learn to conduct yourself in a negotiation, you'll find it easier to sell your viewpoints. People at the highest level of every organization got there because they are effective negotiators. Each knows how to build relationships, how to negotiate differences and how to express their viewpoints and ideas to all the people involved.

You Can't Do it Alone

In our existing economy, it's rare to find an environment where you do everything yourself. Working with multi talented teams and projects are part of doing business today. Yet at present, there is no course except The Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization seminar, which teaches how to deal with others on the team to get good ideas on the table and get the work done successfully.

Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization teaches you how to handle the process of allowing others to be heard; encourages a candid exchange of views, ideas, and concerns; shows you how to negotiate and settle differences and disagreements in a cooperative Both-Win® way; helps create positive, energy building relationships in your group, team or organization.

Dr. Karrass has devoted his career to building the most successful techniques for negotiation in the world. Used worldwide by Fortune 500 companies, governments, businesses large and small, no one knows more about real world negotiation than Dr. Karrass and his company of experts.

You Can't Go Wrong

This is a need to know seminar for anyone who wants to enjoy a wealth of practical ideas that are immediately useful for you today and for the rest of your life. You cannot go wrong learning how to be an effective negotiator inside your organization.

Discover how Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization can immediately make your work and life easier and less frustrating.

After attending the two day program, you will have powerful new tools that you can apply to all the tough issues you have to negotiate inside your company:

  • Resource allocation issues: budgets, space, facilities, services, equipment, support
  • Time issues: schedules, time to finish job, support help, task size, computer time, software time
  • Support and service issues: talent levels, repairs and computer usage
  • Recognize the hidden (intangible) issues people don't talk about, but are part of every agreement
  • Privileges: training, perks, vacations, incentives, special hours
  • Performance: reviews, opportunities, changes, expectations
  • Issues involving engineers: specifications, testing and design
  • Scope of responsibility and authority issues
  • Sales and marketing issues: pricing, discounts, proposals, returns, slow pay, per diem, expenses, who sold it, promotional ideas
  • Issues involving collaborating with other departments: engineering, purchasing, sales, accounting, facilities, computer services, human relations, etc.
  • Purchasing issues: engineering, quality, specifications, source selection and deliveries.

This extraordinary seminar, Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization, covers relevant issues you face every day. Whether you’re part of a large corporation, private enterprise, government agency or non-profit organization, you need to know the techniques of negotiating. You will learn to build trusting, positive, energy building relationship, that promote an open exchange of thoughts. Learn to settle differences in a cooperative Both-Win® way. You will build relationships that work.

Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization

Course Topic Outline, Two Day Seminar

Differences between External and Internal Negotiations.

Why different negotiating styles and approaches are necessary. Special relationship and harmony issues come into play.

Boundaries, Territory, and Deadlines, A Case Study:

Clarifying the issues, visible, invisible, tradeoffs.

Differences in Positions, Am I in a negotiation or not?

Tangible distributive issues, intangible issues, social harmony issues, relationship issues, allocation issues, attitudes, and beliefs<./p>

Understanding the Golf Club Analogy.

Different negotiation tools for different types of negotiations, you can't use one golf club for everything.

Modes of Internal Negotiating.

Competitive, Mutual Gain, Relationship, Organizational, Personal, Determining where you are and which to use

Negotiating for new office space, An Exercise:

Leaving room to negotiate and compromise.

Inter Departmental Negotiating, A Case Study:

How to bridge settlement gaps.

Relationships Are Negotiable.

Flywheel Effect, relationship building blocks, working together and getting along.

Being Heard and Listened To.

How to get your viewpoints, ideas, concerns heard, The process is a negotiation.

Spy Fly Case, A Case Study:

A team negotiation, Behaviors and habits that help build relationships, Helping others express themselves, the importance of acceptance time, compromise, and creating a Both-Win® agreement.

The Changing Face of Influence, Authority and Power.

Major trends in how we interact with other people both inside and outside our organization, How organizations are changing.

The Bank Transaction Exercise:

Why we bury issues, Resolving organizational and personal conflicts.

Disagree Without Being Disagreeable.

Learning from other cultures, ways to say No without saying No, maintaining personal and organizational harmony.

The Negotiating Process, Making Agreements That Don't Fall Apart.

Four critical stages you must understand and know how to navigate, discovering mutual gains and avoiding relationship breakers, Post negotiation problems and opportunities making the agreement work and anticipating problems, How to restore the spirit of the deal and handle yourself in renegotiations.


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