I thought the seminar was very useful. I've been using some techniques in my daily negotiations ever since. In fact, I thought the information was so valuable that I want to bring the KARRASS seminar In-House for our world-wide conference.

John Copley,
Commodity Purchases,


KARRASS Effective Negotiating® Tip

Assumptions Are Not To Be Trusted

by Dr. Chester L. Karrass

Never trust your assumptions. They are likely to be as wrong as right.

Salespeople, be careful with your assumptions. Don't assume:

"She'll never pay that much"

"There's a lot of competition"

"He doesn't have enough money"

"They don't want to do business with us after the last mess-up"

"I'm sure we're not the low bidder."

Such assumptions can defeat you in your negotiations before you start negotiating; these assumptions lower your expectations; influence the outcome of the negotiation; and may, in fact, be dead wrong.

Purchasing professionals be careful! Your assumptions can:

Cause you to make high offers when low ones are called for.

Influence you to make low demands and quick concessions when opposite actions are warranted.

Seduce you into believing deadlines when patience is by far the better course.

Create potential hurdles that can move you in the wrong direction.

Don't fall in love with your assumptions. Check them out. They are neither right nor wrong until proven so.

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