In-House Corporate Negotiating Skills Training Programs

In-House Negotiation Seminars »

These private, in-house negotiating seminars are tailored in collaboration with our clients and the audience that will be trained. They can be one-day seminars, two-day seminars, or combinations of seminars and workshops. Pricing is based on the size of the team that is to be trained and the subject matter of the training.

Classes offered on a private, in-house basis include: Effective Negotiating®, Effective Sales Negotiating®, and Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization. Our follow-on programs include: Effective Negotiating® 2, Implementation Workshop, and Skills Development Workshop.

Reserve Seat Program »

The Reserve Block Seat Program provides the advantages of the very successful Public Seminar Program, but with significant savings when compared to the regular individual registration fee.

Your organization can participate in the Karrass Reserve Block Seat Program by purchasing as few as 12 seats to our public seminars. These seats are good for a full 12-month period on any of our Effective Negotiating® public seminar series. This gives employees more than 200 public seminars in over 85 cities to choose from! Dates and locations can be chosen on an as-needed basis any time during the 12-month period.


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