Effective Negotiating® 2 The Follow-On Program

In the new business climate of the 21st century you need a powerful edge that will help you get what you want in a way that works for everyone. Go further now. Capitalize on what you learned from the Effective Negotiating® seminar and become a powerhouse negotiator.

In Effective Negotiating® 2 you'll learn:

  1. How the latest technologies, especially the Internet, are expanding the traditional boundaries of buying and selling, and how the concept of negotiation is changing as well
  2. How a total cost approach can help you make more intelligent deals and build more stable long-lasting relationships
  3. How to keep any negotiation moving toward a more favorable Both-Win®agreement:
    • At the opening demand and offer stage
    • After the early No responses and during the moving toward agreement-discovery stage
    • During the hard bargaining pressure phase
    • At closing time when last minute hitches arise
  4. How to reduce the tension level and take advantage of business opportunities: Turn a negotiating adversary into a trusted business partner
  5. How to think more creatively even when bargaining under heavy pressure: How subtler aspects of the new negotiating can work for you instead of against you
  6. How to build trust into the more complex relationships that are part of the new economy
  7. How to build:
    • Strategic alliances
    • Partnerships
    • Contracting arrangements with outside consultants, internal teams and so much more
  8. How to create a favorable climate of negotiation
  9. How to close a deal that won't fall apart or be second-guessed by Monday morning quarterbacks
  10. How to reduce your aggravation level for better results
  11. Contrasting Multi-Cultural Negotiating Styles
  12. Preparation and Planning Strategies
  13. How to develop the planning and preparation checklist
  14. The stages of negotiation
  15. How to sharpen Your Body Language Insights
  16. How to close the deal and make agreements that won't fall apart
  17. How plenty of our practice negotiation sessions will benefit you in the long run
  18. Special modules that can be custom tailored to your company or personal needs
  19. And Much More

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