The Art of Negotiation Can Be Learned

The art of negotiation is a skill like any other. In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Those too timid or unskilled to negotiate well leave too much on the table and get far less than they deserve.

Negotiation is negotiation wherever it takes place. The psychological, emotional, and tactical factors that determine who will do well apply to any bargaining situation, large or small. The high stakes, billion dollar deals we read about in the newspapers are much the same as those we encounter as consumers when buying a washing machine or selling a home. Dealing with your landlord has as much in common with dealing with a high powered political leader in another country. The rules leading to success are the same.

Nobody is born with a “good negotiator” gene. The art of negotiating can be learned. You don’t have to be a Harvard graduate to understand how it works. Every good negotiator learned from their own mistakes or was lucky enough to be taught by someone who was good at it.

Whether you are as rich a Bill Gates, or just like the rest of us, it is smart to learn about negotiating. Rich or poor, we all hate to be taken. We feel foolish leaving too many chips on the bargaining table.

And, for many of us, we never quite forget- or get past- the time(s) in our life where we were ill-prepared to negotiate, and when it felt like we ended up on the losing side of a negotiation.

People have been negotiating since the beginning of time. You can learn the strategies, tactics, and approaches that lead to successful negotiation skills. You can learn how to make the best possible deal for both parties without exploiting anyone or being exploited yourself. With the right negotiation training, you can be sure to get what you deserve in any negotiation, large or small.

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