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As you know, successful business negotiations require a good amount of listening and learning. There is no better way to listen and learn than to ask good questions of the other party. We’ve compiled a list of all purpose questions that you can use the next time you need to learn a bit more about the other party’s position.

Directive questions—These specific questions work best when a buyer seems uninterested or apathetic.

What price have you been paying?
What price must I meet?
Have you seen the report on our product?
What specifically makes you unhappy with the product?

Non-directive questions—General questions to gather broad answers, giving the other person a chance to express him or herself:

How do you usually determine the price?
Please explain the manufacturing process.
What do you look for in a good warranty?
How do you feel about our company?

Questions that get specific information:

Will you show me how you got to that figure?
What objections do you have to our product?
Will you explain that to me?

Questions to stimulate thought:
Would you consider a this deal (specify something like two-year contract, etc.)
What if we ordered twice as many?

Questions to cause decisions to be made:
Did you know we are increasing the price next week?
Are you ready to order now for a 10% percent reduction in the price?
Are you interested in the product? Why not?


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