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Building your negotiating team

Many business negotiations take place with groups of people representing each side. It is clearly a major priority to turn a group of negotiators into a winning team.

Dr. Chester L. Karrass provides several tips on how to form a winning negotiating team.

Designate a team leader. The team leader controls the length and direction of discussions. In order to succeed, team leaders should be flexible, tactful and have good time management skills.

Team members should be specialists/experts in a given area.

Each member should be given a specific job.

Team members should like and want to negotiate. If a specialist is not “into” negotiating, don’t recruit him or her to the team, no matter how much of an expert this person is.

Engage in team planning. Planning and preparation should take place several days or weeks before the negotiation.

Closely match the other team’s numbers. It is not good to be outnumbered.

Have an official note-taker on your team.

Discourage open conflict. You must present a unified front to your opposition.

There is no doubt that a well-prepared team of experts with a good leader will create a positive dynamic when entering a group negotiation.


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