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Interview with Dr. Chester L. Karrass

I know there are a lot of seminars which present nothing more than prevailing wisdom. Information that is perhaps useful, but not really insightful. I want to offer people something different; knowledge that goes beyond what they already know.

My research focuses on one core question: What makes someone a successful negotiator?

One of the first things I turned to in my research was an examination of how the great industrial pioneers who built this country succeeded. I found that when you look closely at the activities of Andrew Carnegie or Henry Ford, or more recently, Sam Walton, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, they share an important trait. Each is highly entrepreneurial and they carry this entrepreneurial approach into their negotiations. This common negotiating approach is an important part of their success.

My research identifies the most successful negotiating approaches commonly used among people who consistently negotiate good agreements. A good deal of my investigation involves discussions with high-level executives from top American corporations. Once we start talking, most of these individuals are really amazed at how many negotiations they actually conduct every day.

I test my theories through a series of negotiating experiments and identify the most practical and successful negotiating skill sets. These specific negotiating skills are examined, explained and practiced in the Karrass Effective Negotiating Seminar. The result is that people learn how to apply these skills in their work. They become better negotiators. The results they are able to achieve immediately after attending the seminar prove this fact.

This new knowledge goes far beyond what people are able to pick up on their own. The seminar format and content appeals to business executives at the highest levels and also helps lower level managers understand how to think like top executives. The results of my research and experiments identify many practical negotiating skills that help people create better business agreements. These skills also help any business person look at business transactions in a different, more entrepreneurial way.

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