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Want to learn even more about negotiation?

Negotiation is very much in the headlines these days as we watch President Obama and the Congress negotiate regarding the debt ceiling. We see terms thrown around like “calling a bluff,” “raising the stakes,” and “deadlock.” You can appreciate why negotiation knowledge is crucial, not only in business, but in politics and life in general.

This blog (Negotiation Space) is dedicated to giving you useful information, tips and techniques about negotiation. However, you may want to delve deeper. You can take a seminar or buy one of Dr. Chester L. Karrass‘s excellent books on negotiation.

Karrass presents public and in-house negotiation seminars including:

More information on these is available on the Karrass website or by calling 323-866-3800.

If you prefer self-learning, we suggest purchasing any or all of Dr. Chester L. Karrass’ books:

Dr. Chester L.Karrass created the Effective Negotiating seminars in 1968,  based on decades of research and experience. Dr. Karrass had been a negotiator for the Hughes organization, a position he obtained after earning an engineering degree from the University of Colorado and an MBA from Columbia University. He received the first Howard Hughes Doctoral Fellowship Award and was able to spend three years conduct research in negotiation techniques before earning a PhD from the University of Southern California. He then returned to Hughes as a negotiation consultant.

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