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Breaking the Ice

You have new members on your negotiating team. You are negotiating with people you have never dealt with before. You are at a team building exercise. In all of these situations you need to break the ice. You need to get people talking to each other.

There are many ice breaking exercises out there. They are very easy to implement and successful at getting people to talk to one another.

Before you choose an ice breaking exercise, you will have to consider:

How many people will be involved
How much time you have
Whether you will have access to materials
What your purpose is

There are several types of ice breaking exercises, suited for different purposes:

Ask participants to share a little known fact about themselves
Ask questions such as: What would you do if you won the lottery? Have the participants share their answers.
Divide the group into pairs and have them “interview” each other. Each person will introduce their partner to the group
Play the birthday game: have all participants get in line by order of their birthday (January through December)


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