Synergy and business negotiations

Here at Negotiation Space we aim to give you tips and techniques that will help improve your business negotiations. There may be a way to improve your ability to sell (and also to persuade) by  improving the synergy you are creating with the other party.

Online, Inc. Magazine provides a few tips in the article “ How to Communicate to Sell” by Marla Tabaka. Tabaka says:

An effective sale is most often achieved between two (or more) people who have synergy between them and understand the desired outcome for, not just one, but both parties. No matter what business you are in, you sell. You sell yourself, your product and/or your vision. And to do so with great success depends on your skill in creating synergy between you and your prospects, potential investors, partners and employees.

To create synergy, Tabaka recommends several steps:

  1. Observe the other party’s body language, tone and speech patterns.
  2. Put the other party at ease.
  3. Create connection by mirroring body language.
  4. Have the intention of creating a meaningful connection with the other party

By creating synergy, you are creating connection and perhaps a shared goal of achieving a deal that is good for both parties.

What are your tips to create synergy?

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