Relational Skills Ought to Be a Key Performance Indicator

The capacity and willingness of every employee to build relationships should, in my opinion, be made part of each person’s job description and evaluation at performance review time. It matters not if the individual is Chief Executive Officer, a physicist involved in launching a spacecraft, a scientist, or someone responsible for cleaning the office.

Each employee should recognize that relationship building is part of their job and an important factor in determining their career trajectory.

When people are aware of its importance in their work they will pay more attention to it. They will strive to strengthen their day-to-day connections and will benefit from the reduction in friction that flows from improved relationships. People who trust and like each other may differ at times, but they are less likely to personalize their differences or bicker constantly. When the need for collaboration is anticipated, they will willingly join hands.

Each of us is capable of improving relationships at work. It’s a matter of devoting the time and effort necessary to do so then acting accordingly.

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