Never Fear to Negotiate

Never fear to negotiate, no matter how great the differences are.  It is impossible for both parties to recognize where and how an agreement can be made without undertaking the process of negotiating.  The final outcome only becomes apparent after extended discussions.

Fear can create enormous pressure on you and impact your negotiating success.

Never get panicked into a final agreement by a time deadline.  It is easy to fall into the time trap.  Be skeptical about deadlines.  Most of them are negotiable.

If you make an error in coming to an agreement, don’t be afraid to admit it.  Maybe it is an error in judgment or a mistake on some fact or statistic.  Whatever it is, it can impact your final agreement.  Deal with errors promptly.  Admitting such mistakes takes courage, but immediate corrections are essential a satisfying agreement.

Remember, negotiation is not a contest.  Don’t shy away from negotiating just because you are afraid of making a mistake or doing poorly.  With a little effort, and good negotiating skills, a better agreement can be found for both parties at the same time.

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