Negotiating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is celebrated by millions of Americans on the fourth Thursday of November. Although it is a holiday celebrating gratitude, Thanksgiving can be stressful as many negotiate crowded roads, airports and trains stations to get home. Many others negotiate with family once they arrive home.

Perhaps some negotiation skills will help you to better negotiate the holiday, and actually enjoy the time off.

Having patience: The most powerful tactic in negotiation, patience can achieve what other tactics can’t.

Listening: Instead of arguing, listen.

Splitting the difference: It’s a quick way to reach agreement.

Relieving tension: Tell a joke, take a break, do what you have to do to reduce any tension.

Conceding: Make small concessions to move forward.

And as Dr. Chester Karrass writes:

“Fine food and small favors can influence big decisions. Good food, a nice evening and small favors are not bribes…What they do for the salesperson is make the buyer more receptive to the sales message.”

Substitute yourself for the salesperson, your family for the buyer and a good time for the sales message, and you will have a very pleasant Thanksgiving holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from Negotiating Space!

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