Have a Nice Win-Win Depression, BFF!

The Depression has hit here in California as hard as almost anywhere. Yet on any given day I’m likely to hear at least one person say, “Have a nice day!” (New Hampshire has “Live Free or Die”, we’re stuck with “Have a Nice Day!”)

Figures of speech are important. They send a message. The message of “HaND” is supposed to be, “I’m actually thinking about you. I care about your welfare. You have some level of importance to me.” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Have_A_Nice_Day)

Have you ever negotiated with someone who said, “I’m a Win-Win Negotiator!”?
What does that mean, “I’m a Win-Win Negotiator!”?

It’s intended to communicate, “I’m actually thinking about you. I care about your welfare. You have some level of importance to me.” (Are you getting where I’m going here…?)

So what does “Win-Win” mean in negotiation?
Try asking people what they think.
My experience tells me you’ll get a lot of:
“Uh, well, it, uh” (Jaw goes slightly slack, mouth breathing begins) “It means, uh, Win-Win kind of means, well, uh…” (Voice fades…eyes roll back in head, slight drooling from corner of mouth.)

The BEST most people can come up with when asked this question is that both parties walk away from a deal happy.

Happy is nice.

But any negotiator worth her salt ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salary ) can leave you happy in a negotiation, even if she beat the stuffing out of you. In that case, you’d be happy because she’s a good negotiator and she’s happy because she got everything she wanted.


Be wary of the person who claims to be a “Win-Win” negotiator.
Are they really interested in improving the value of your side of the deal, or are they simply blowing happysmoke?
This can be a truly disingenuous way of getting you to take down your guard or it can be a simple signal of good will with no real, quantifiable goal attached.

Or, like, “Have a Nice Day” it can be completely on-target and heartfelt.

But given its overuse and general weakened meaning and impact (I’m pretty sure I don’t even actually hear “HaND” most of the time when it’s said) do you really want to be the person saying it?

So, until next time Have a Nice Day:)

and…Think About It.

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