Be Positive About Cooperation and Collaboration

Nothing promotes strong relationships more than working closely and successfully with others on a joint task. The joy of such an experience stays with us for a very long time and warms us to the opportunity to do so again.

The need to work collaboratively with others on teams and tightly knit project groups will increase as this century progresses. Those averse to doing so or to the idea of sharing ideas will find themselves outside the relationship tent. Almost everything we do already requires close cooperation with co-workers who must help when computer systems fail or stoppages occur.

As for creative and complex endeavors, the age has long passed in which a lone inventor like Thomas Edison could produce such world-changing work without close collaboration with many multi-disciplined associates.

A positive attitude to cooperation and sharing is essential when a problem or dispute arises about a project team’s engineering design choice or how a difficult production problem ought to be corrected. When team members are open to working closely with one another they are more apt to find not only possible compromise, but also the opportunity to discover a better way neither had thought of earlier.

Those without a positive attitude toward working closely with peers, subordinates and service personnel will impose limits on themselves and alienate others.

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