Assumptions Are Not To Be Trusted

Never trust your assumptions.  They are likely to be as wrong as right.

Salespeople, be careful with your assumptions.  Don’t assume:

  • “She’ll never pay that much”
  • “There’s a lot of competition”
  • “He doesn’t have enough money”
  • “They don’t want to do business with us after the last mess-up”
  • “I’m sure we’re not the low bidder.”

Such assumptions can defeat you before you start negotiating; these assumptions lower your expectations; influence the outcome of the negotiation; and may, in fact, be dead wrong.

Purchasing professionals be careful!  Your assumptions can:

  • Cause you to make high offers when low ones are called for.
  • Influence you to make low demands and quick concessions when opposite actions are warranted.
  • Seduce you into believing deadlines when patience is by far the better course.
  • Create potential hurdles that can move you in the wrong direction.

Don’t fall in love with your assumptions.  Check them out.  They are neither right nor wrong until proven so.

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