Are there specific negotiation skills for selling?

Most every business transaction involves buying and selling. Do buyers and sellers use the same negotiating techniques, or are there skills that are more suitable to each side?

According to a blog post on the blog Business 44, there are three negotiation skills every seller should have. These are:

Being able to build rapport

“A person of an unpleasant countenance with a good-priced product is no match for a person of nice manners with a slightly-more-expensive product. If the client can afford the slightly-more-pleasant product, they will buy that instead.”

Being able to say no

“Sometimes, you can say, “Let me ask my supervisor,” or “I’ll see what I can do” to give clients the impression that you’re doing your best to meet their demands. However, it’s also important to note that some instances require you to say “no” outright.”

Being a good listener

“Being a good listener shows that you respect your clients. It will also give you valuable hints on what your customer is looking for.”

We have discussed all three skills here on Negotiation Space. All three are crucial to negotiation, and being able to improve your ability in these areas will certainly help you—whether you are buying or selling. Both parties will benefit from being likable, listening more than talking and being able to say no.

Dr. Chester Karrass expands on what it takes for a seller to convince a buyer to buy his or her product or service. He would add to the above:

  • Don’t interrupt because it makes people angry
  • Don’t be belligerent.
  • Give the other party time to express his/her viewpoints
  • Restate the other party’s viewpoints to communicate you have understood

As a seller, you may use certain techniques more than if you were a buyer because your task is to persuade.

What skills do you use when you are the seller in a negotiation that you don’t use when you are the buyer?

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