Win-win ideas to take on a firm price

Whenever you are buying anything, you will come across firm pricing. There will always be vendors who don’t want to negotiate on price, however, this does not mean that you can’t negotiate on other factors that are involved in purchasing: shipping, quantity, credit, etc.

In any price negotiation, you can always try two tactics:

Dr. Chester L. Karrass provides dozens of ways to work around a firm price, resulting in a win-win for both parties. Here are ten effective tactics:

  1. Quantity: buy more than one to get a discount
  2. Payment: work out an installment plan with no interest/penalty
  3. Obsolete: Buy last year’s model
  4. Advanced: Buy next year’s model at today’s price
  5. Free labor and/or transportation: Have the seller deliver and install at no additional price
  6. Warranty: Include an extended warranty at no extra cost.
  7. Options: Arrange to have options installed/sold later on at today’s pricing.
  8. Price protection: Arrange to get money back if the item is sold for less to another buyer.
  9. Commission: Ask the salesperson to take a bit less commission in order to make the sale.
  10. Discontinued or seconds: Get a similar product that is now discontinued or slightly damaged for a better price.

What are your tips for dealing with a firm price?

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