New Year’s Negotiating Resolution

One New Year’s resolution that will improve your negotiations

New Year’s has always been a time for resolutions. At year’s end, we have the perspective to look back and evaluate what worked best and what didn’t work so well. With a new year, we have a chance to correct course and improve our results.

A great business resolution for 2010 is to work to further improve your negotiation skills.

Your number one resolution in terms of business negotiations should be to improve your negotiation planning.

Even though negotiation planning helps achieve the best outcomes, many negotiators do not spend the time and effort to plan. Planning gives you a roadmap. A roadmap always lets you get to your objective more efficiently and more quickly.

Dr. Chester Karrass outlines the steps necessary to make your negotiation planning more effective in his book, The Negotiating Game.

Here are the top five steps to improve your negotiation planning:

1) Ask probing questions about objectives, aspiration level and power
2) Improve your information gathering processes
3) Differentiate between negotiation strategy and tactics
4) Increase your understanding on how negotiations work
5) Organize your team and resources to have maximum impact

You can learn more about negotiation planning by reading Dr. Karrass’ books. Consider attending a KARRASS course during the coming year and network with others who negotiate. You will probably meet some of your customers or suppliers.

Karrass wishes all of our readers a very happy and productive New Year 2010!

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