2 Keys to Making a Better Deal

Your aim for any business negotiation is to make a deal with the other party. You probably want to achieve the best deal possible.

In order to make a better deal, there are two key moves you can make:

Shift into cooperative mode: There are two major modes of negotiation: competitive and cooperative. Karrass teaches the cooperative mode, which focuses on creating additional value so that the parties have more to share. We also call this the both-win approach.

By being cooperative you will reduce tensions. To start the shift, set the stage with an atmosphere that is conducive toward a both-win outcome. This mean avoiding posturing, anger, strong and pointed remarks and instead showing the other party that you want to do business and that you are willing to work toward a mutually agreeable situation.

The cooperative mode may seem counter intuitive since many people enter a negotiation with the desire to resolve conflicting interests, which may lead into a competitive mind-set.  The advantage of cooperation is getting to a better deal.

Build in negotiation acceptance time: Acceptance time is central to negotiation. You must allow time for the other party (or people in general) to accept new idea or new ways of doing things. Most people resist change and will need to become used to a concept before they accept it. If you plan for acceptance time, you will have a smoother, better negotiation leading to a better deal.

How do you achieve a better deal? Please share your strategies and tactics in the comments.

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